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As 2018 kicks into gear, I am excited to continue collaborations with Christina MacMorran teaching workshops, James Howe demonstrating Raku firing & Al Betz exploring the creeks and techniques of potters who lived here before us. And – I truly appreciate those who join me in open studio sessions, workshops and sales throughout the year.  It makes for an interesting journey.  I hope you will join us in the adventure!

judy branch creek

Workshops:                                                                                                                                  Pinch! Roll! Press! Pull! . . . . sounds like a workout routine, but these are just some of the techniques you will learn while making spoons.
This workshop will take place here in the studio February 14, 11–2 or 6–9.
For endless inspiration visit this pinterest page.
For more information / to register visit: http://paintwithchristy.com/workshops/

Queeny Show Image
The Art Fair at Queeny Park
Sponsored by the Greater St. Louis Art Association
Friday, March 23 through Sunday, March 25
Inside the Greensfelder Complex in Queeny Park.
For more information visit –  http://www.artfairatqueenypark.com/about_qaf.htm

3 thoughts on “Hello … until my site is updated; do note hesitate to contact me / or provide your email address to receive monthly newsletters!

  1. So great meeting you today! What a small world w/North County roots & Burroughs & art connections! I’ll check out your window at the new guild! Who knew? That I’d run into an artist on my first solo Artists date with myself!
    Don’t forget to check out Process Painting and the cgjungstl.org!
    Julie Schulte

    • Yes it was a treat meeting you! I love the connections and was so energized by our conversation. Thanks for checking out the website . . . Although it provides an overview of the work, I am forever wanting / needing to update. Best wishes as you explore your creativity! Stay in touch.

  2. Hi Susan! I took your classes at jacoby a few years back and worked with you at your studio for awhile! Hope everything is well!! I was wondering if you know of any places still doing ceramic classes or a studio membership type deal. I heard jacoby isn’t doing it anymore and I’m missing the clay!! Thanks!!

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