Looking to a New Year!

The Fete was fab!

Thanks to everyone who came by our annual holiday sale to support our efforts or wish us well.
As I look toward the New Year – inspiring collaborations, lively workshops and interesting shows are already in the works.



3 thoughts on “Looking to a New Year!

  1. So great meeting you today! What a small world w/North County roots & Burroughs & art connections! I’ll check out your window at the new guild! Who knew? That I’d run into an artist on my first solo Artists date with myself!
    Don’t forget to check out Process Painting and the cgjungstl.org!
    Julie Schulte

    • Yes it was a treat meeting you! I love the connections and was so energized by our conversation. Thanks for checking out the website . . . Although it provides an overview of the work, I am forever wanting / needing to update. Best wishes as you explore your creativity! Stay in touch.

  2. Hi Susan! I took your classes at jacoby a few years back and worked with you at your studio for awhile! Hope everything is well!! I was wondering if you know of any places still doing ceramic classes or a studio membership type deal. I heard jacoby isn’t doing it anymore and I’m missing the clay!! Thanks!!

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