Artist Statement


Although my work is inspired by the “land”; it is the problem solving aspect of working in clay that motivates me. A narrative is not the starting point. Each series leads to a set of questions and solutions and new problems to tackle,  which leads to a seemingly disparate body of work.  However my interests in the ceremonial work of Pre-Columbian Moche cultures, a passion for drawing and a family of raconteurs, provide clues along the way. These pieces are made from earthenware. The clay is thrown, constructed, modeled; layered with slips, stains, glazes; and fired multiple times.  Throughout this process of layering materials, content and techniques; I strive to balance the formal and the personal, conscious that every decision, every mark must further the plot / solve the problem.

4 thoughts on “Artist Statement

  1. You were my first ceramics instructor at craft alliance. You’re such a great teacher of clay for students young and old.
    I treasure your work that I have purchased. I love those nice lidded and fluted bowls where I keep my pipe tobacco, the bowl with the arch/handle, and The beautiful whimsical oval platter, ” the sleeping cat “! You’ve given me a love and appreciation of the art of clay! Thank you. I hope you are doing well. After retire meant I’ve gotten back into ceramics and I am currently taking a course at Krueger pottery.

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